Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Hey, So Cal...Remember Andy Williams?


He's one of the many young kids across this country who have gone nutso and taken guns to school and shot people dead.

I blame the TV, which broadcasts hardly anything but Gun & Explosion Porn. I blame a military which busts up families in its insatiable quest to control the oil spigot and sell guns and weapons(yes, that was Andy's lot, while his mother was in the Middle East). I blame the other kids, the bullies, the ones who think (because of what they've witnessed from the adults in their lives)that power over others is what solves things, rather than power "with" others.

I blame the teachers who don't speak up, the system which thrives on vengefulness rather than justice, I blame the parents of other kids who react with fear while stashing their own guns around instead of banishing them from their lives FOREVER.

I blame myself, as a broadcaster, for not fighting harder to get the truth out every damn day.

I think about another young man, an Afghan boy named Mohammed Jawad, taken when he may have been as young as age 12 and tortured by US forces for years and years. Eric Holder's "Justice" department wanted to hold him and fought to do so "legally," even though there was absolutely NO evidence this kid did anything to harm anyone. The federal judge who finally got the case screamed and railed until Jawad was released. He is now back home, after years of imprisonment and torture by US forces.

Judge Ellen Segal Huvelle:

"Seven years and this case is riddled with holes...This guy has been there seven years, seven years. He might have been taken there at the age of maybe 12, 13, 14, 15 years old. I don't know what he is doing there."

"This is a case that's been screaming to everybody for years…This is a case unlike all the rest of them. This does not involve intelligence... There is only one question here, did the guy throw a grenade or didn't he throw a grenade. That's the issue. Right? If he didn't do that, you can't win. If you can't prove that, you can't win."

This is what our establishment is doing to kids---our own, and those from far away, who gun-toting invaders tear from home and family, and stash in torture chambers. Look at it in the eye, folks, for what it is. It is our responsibility. We can't pass the buck. There is nowhere for it to go.

Another life destroyed--by guns.

You can take and take and take and take life, but only God can give it. And God is the planet. God is our conscience. God is a force that gives strength, not fear. God is the opposite of fear. God is here, in me, in you, right now, God is the connection. God cannot be seen on television. God is not a holy war, not the spill of hot blood, not the obscenity of billions in hundred-dollar bills flown to Iraq in exchange for dead mothers, fathers, sons, and daughters, stacked in self-addressed crates, stars and stripes to keep them warm.

God is the truth, not the lies.

We are killing God. Our culture is killing the connection, the hope, the music, the beauty, the natural biorhythms that keep us all sane. No wonder Reverend Wright said what he said.

I agree with him.

Andy Williams, ladies and gentlemen---another of the forgotten, here in Southern California, another one of the oh-so-many behind bars, in this land where imprisonment is more normal than any other.


"It's very hard for me to talk about what I did on March 5,2001. I feel awkward talking about it because I am so ashamed. Words are not enough to express how I truly feel, but I want to at least try... I am truly sorry for my actions... I feel horrible inside for victims, their families and my family. I do wish that I could make it up to the victims, their families and mine... I will live everyday with the horrible memory of March 5... What I did was wrong.."

There recently seems to be a mis-conception that supporters don't think that Andy should be punished for this actions. That is the furthest from the truth! We agree he should be punished, but as a Juvenile, that he is.

We would like to see a punishment that offers years of counseling, education and rehabilitative treatment. We fully understand that Adolescence is a transitional period of life where cognitive abilites, judgment and impulse contol are still being developed. They are developmentally different than adults, thus CHILDREN ARE NOT ADULTS. It was upon this belief that the Juvenile Court System was created in 1899, along with the outrage of treatment Children were receiving in Prison. Supporters of Andy believe, along with many in this counrty, that troubled Juveniles should be tried within this Juvenile System and not tried as little adults in the Adult Court System. We make no apology for our strong convections and our heartfelt concern, of troubled children. No matter what crime they may commit against society, they still are children in every aspect.


A mother sits, cries a thousand tears
her son has gone to fight a war not his,
what good does hurting others do for him?
can we live in harmony not fear?

officials gangsters hard on the cash flow with no regard for life
it's political
and for real
tell me how you gonna feel
as power befools
and corruption rules,
what's the deal

business making nuff kids sick
and the chase for cash brain washing them quick,
illegal life everywhere
from the crack veils up to the UN chairs
and those TNC's with their global access
got all resources, kill the contest
just pollute your lands
and leave you bruk
or shoot you down if you try to obstruct,
but on the high street shit be sweet
just the clicker-clacker of cash-fueled feet

as we fuck up the world and lay the concrete
check the mirror now, who's the beast?

we need to educate our minds
we need to get our thoughts combined
we need to dedicate our time
to peace not war, peace not war in our lives

i'm trying to live my life in peace not war
cos there's too many people on the streets that's poor
for me to support the system that dissed them
taxes spent on madness, they're killing our children

leaving widows of woman with kids they can't feed
getting sent to the army was when daddy was last seen
if you ask me we need to educate
and think for ourselves
forget the States, why follow them?
after war they're gone again

i wanna know now how all this is gonna end
i'm not a friend of these murderers--when i say that don't think i only refer to Bush

the whole world's full of fuckery
tell me which government is looking after the people of their country

they're all corrupted by money,
can't be blinded open your eyes,
quick you must see

... a soldier kneels, his hands they grip the dirt,
pain in his heart, he fights he feels no worth
he plays a role, a role the man to fear
he wants no more
no war no war no war no more, no

this one's for you Billy, we love you brov,
we'll never forget you.

listen to the static in the air tonight
if there ever was a time to move, the time's right
i equip all my people with the two way sets,
under ground channels that the Feds can't get
FLN, 3 cell system for the gang:
if one gets shift the rest don't get prang
PLO fade back in time to lay low,
always at the ready in case the shit blow

we emerge from the bricks,
then we disappear
like the weapons in Iraq we were never here
got mans that'll come up in the night for your whip,
replace your diesel with veggie oil shit
agents that are deep in the system like gout,
killing the beast from the inside out
one change in the numbers on your tax return
channel money from the bombs for the schools to learn.

We need to educate our mind,
We need to get our thoughts combined.

We need to dedicate our time,
to peace not war,
Not War, in our lives.

GM Baby featuring Supernova
Peace Not War


I looked for these lyrics all over the Net. Nowhere to be found. No video on YouTube.
The song is on Peace Not War Vol. 2 ---one of the great protest records of our time.

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